Hydraulic Ball Press Machine

  • Capacity(t/h): 1-3.5
  • Power(kw): 11-15
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Hydraulic ball press is a new generation product developed by Toming Equipment based on the development direction of domestic and foreign counterparts, integrating the advantages of similar ball presses, and making full use of various mature and advanced technologies.

 The practical application of hydraulic ball press is extremely wide. It can produce various materials and powders, such as cryolite, alumina, chemical fertilizer, metal magnesium powder, bauxite, aluminum ash, etc.; and non-ferrous metal industry Powders, auxiliary materials, powders in the refractory industry, and high value-added materials are more suitable for use.



    Hydraulic support high pressure.


    Excellent selection of roller skins and long service life.


    The finished product has strong hardness high finished product density.

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Technical Data

Model Production capacity(t) Roller diameter(mm) Width of roll surface(mm) Motor power(kw) Preformer power(kw) Main reducer Prepressing reducer Rotating speed Hydraulic motor(kw)
QY367 1-1.5 367 200 37-45 11 ZQ850 WHC18-31.5 7-10 2.2
QY528 3-3.5 528 200 45-55 15 ZQ1000 WHC-160 7-10 2.2

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