Flotation machine

  • Power(kw): 0.2-4
  • Weight (kg): 468-2660
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Mine impeller flotation machine for the self-absorption air flotation machine mechanical agitation for non-ferrous metals ferrous metals non-metallic minerals such as sorting.

When the mine is grinding or after grinding, add water and necessary medicine produces the mine slurry after mixing, feed into the chute that begin to mix, add air into mine slurry to produce lots of bladder .The mine that not easily wet by water attaches the bladder and float to the surface of mine slurry together to produce the mineralized bladder floor .And the rest leaves in the mine slurry and discharges the mineralize bladder to reach the concentrating purpose.

(Flotation machine)


  • Large inspiratory capacity low power consumption.

  • Air and slurry are naturally sucked without need for foam pump.

  • Automatic control device and convenient adjustment.

  • Easy for changing the flow reasonable circulation.

  • Maximum reduction of the coarse sand aeration.

  • Prevent the mine sand deposits at the bottom of chute.

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Technical Data

(Main Technical Parameters):
Model Tank volume
rotary speed
  Overall dimension
Unit weight
SF0.37 0.37 300 0.2-0.4 352 ①Y90L-4 ②Y90S-4 ①1.5 ②1.1 700*700*750 468
SF0.7 0.7 350 0.3-0.9 400 ①Y100L2-4 ②Y90S-4 ①3 ②1.1 900*820*950 600
SF1.2 1.2 450 0.6-1.2 312 ①Y132M2-6 ②Y90S-4 ①5.5 ②1.1 1100*1100*1100 1373
SF2.8 2.8 550 1.5-3.5 268 ①Y160L-6 ②Y90S-4 ①11 ②1.1 1700*1600*1150 2338
SF4 4 650 0.5-4 238 ①Y180L-6 ②Y90L-4 ①15 ②1.5 1850*2050*1200 2660

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