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What should be paid attention to during the running-in perio

Every new mechanical equipment needs to go through the running-in process from the factory to the smooth use, usually called the running-in period. The running-in period of mechanical equipment usually refers to the process of contact, friction and biting of mechanical parts during the initial operation. During this period, the ability of each component of the mechanical equipment to adapt to the environment can be adjusted, and the protrusions on the parts will be worn. The sand making machine also has a run-in period. The pros and cons of running in the sand making machine will have an important impact on the service life, safety and economy of the equipment.

Although the sand making machine has been put into operation when it leaves the factory, the surface of the parts will still be rough. In addition, it is difficult to find some deviations and some hidden dangers during processing and assembly. Therefore, the newly manufactured sand making equipment must run for a certain period of time to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the subsequent sand making machine.

For companies, we may not know much about the functional structure and performance characteristics of the sand making machine. In the early stage when there is no reasonable mechanical running-in, it is easy to appear that the work efficiency of the sand making machine is not high, and even the expected effect cannot be achieved. Since the early run-in period is very important, how should we make the sand making machine pass the run-in period safely, so that the sand making machine can be used to the greatest extent, and the production will enter the routine in the later period?

Before operating the sand making machine, the operator must have a certain understanding of the performance and structural characteristics of the sand making machine, accept the professional guidance of the manufacturer, and strictly abide by the operating specifications to avoid unnecessary losses due to operating errors. There is also a run-in period for sand making equipment. As we all know, the running-in period is very important for newly purchased machinery and equipment. The smooth passage of the running-in period can ensure the normal progress of production. During this period, the sand making machine should pay attention to the lubrication and wear of the machine, and should not be overloaded.

As long as we are familiar with equipment performance, standardized operation, reasonable running-in process and timely inspection and maintenance of wear and lubrication conditions, we can achieve the best results, reduce the occurrence of failures, and reduce production costs. Let the sand making machine produce safely and orderly. This will also reduce subsequent maintenance costs, increase business revenue, and reduce unnecessary costs.

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