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Which type of crusher has high output?

Double-stage crusher

①It is also called a high-humidity material crusher, which does not have any requirements for the crushed water content of the material;

②There is no design of the screen bottom, there is no blockage during the crushing process, and the discharge fineness is high;

③This equipment incorporates two-way gap adjustment technology, which can freely control the granularity of the equipment discharged, making the production more ideal.

Compound crusher

①It can not only process wet materials, but also easily process many kinds of materials such as limestone, coal, cement clinker, artificial sand, coal gangue, etc.;

②The crushing particle size is fine and uniform, which can crush the material of 80-120mm to fine particles less than 3-5mm at one time;

③The shape is a cylindrical structure. After a total of three layers are crushed to reach the required particle size, they will be directly discharged from the discharge port without screening by grate bars, and the cutting and forming degree can reach 95%.

Type of equipment:

Double-stage crusher    10~180t/h

Compound crusher         5~100t/h

Which wet material crusher has high output?

In terms of the two types of crushers introduced above, the Double-stage crusher has the higher output among the two, with a production capacity of 10~180t/h, and a compound crusher with a production capacity of 5~100t/h. It is the output value of a single device. If you have more output, you can also use multiple machines in combination.

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